Pedrali – Orgatec 2018


New tilting table
Design Jorge Pensi Design Studio 

Designed to meet the needs of the contemporary office, the Ypsilon table now comes in a new tilting and stackable version. At the cutting-edge in terms of quality, it conveys both attention to details and a high-tech elements. The table is perfect for flexible and temporary workspaces and meeting areas, and has a functional key nature, as it can be moved and stored away when not in use. Ypsilon is truly versatile and can become a working station, a meeting table, or a support for use in latest-generation co-working spaces. The top is connected with a die-cast aluminium base by an extruded aluminium column. The bonus feature of this table is a unique mechanism patented by Pedrali, that allows the top to be flipped over and moved from a horizontal to a vertical position through two well designed release handles, in red colour. The top is automatically locked into a vertical position or working position, preventing it from opening by error, ensuring the maximum security. This mechanism, as well as being aesthetically clean and not impacting, guarantees a simple and silent opening. Ypsilon can be stacked frontally, with its top perpendicular to the floor so as to save space. Its quintessential and contemporary appearance is the result of a meticulous analysis of contemporary aesthetics, making it the ideal solution for multipurpose environments.

​ELINOR Executive chair 

A classy hug
Design Claudio Bellini 

Elinor blends the know-how of Milanese design studio Claudio Bellini Associati, renowned for its pioneering vision of contemporary office furniture, with the Italian Brand’s engineering expertise. The result is a multitasking product that reflects the needs of a changing market, characterized by a high level of aesthetic quality. This executive chair incorporates the different attitudes and approaches to working life looking to the future: it is dynamic and designed with people’s wellbeing in mind. Its visual styling is essential yet distinctive, and offers excellent performance thanks to its “smart components”, to use Bellini’s words, “which make it state-of-the-art yet inconspicuous”, as they are integrated into the seat. Elinor has an elegant base in die-cast aluminium, with aesthetically pleasing sinuous lines. A weight-activated synchro-tilt mechanism integrated in the upholstered seat allows the tilting to be self-regulated according to the user’s body weight, ensuring that the back is kept in the most comfortable position. Other strong points of Elinor are its comfort and body-hugging feeling, thanks to the polyurethane injected foam on both seat and back. A light, slimline, strong armrest in die-cast aluminium defines the base of the backrest with its flowing line, accentuating the attention to detail that characterizes this unique chair.

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