EMFIMA Collection is a Nordic agency company with start-up in September 2016 and today represents the well-known Italian producers Luceplan S.p.A., Pedrali S.p.A. and Fantoni S.p.A. All manufacturers are already in the Nordic markets, but now also represented in Denmark through the EMFIMA Collection.

EMFIMA Collection offers only products with a high design profile and with unique functions. We care about the good quality, the best design and distribute the carefully selected brands through a professional and quality-conscious selection network throughout Denmark.

For more than 20 years, Christian Kjær from EMFIMA Collection has collaborated with the largest and most influential dealers, architects and interior designers in Scandinavia - all of whom carry out interior design work for both private and public companies.

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EMFIMA Collection ApS

CVR: 37985155​

​Telefon: ​ +45 41 67 54 16​

E-mail:  ck@emfima.dk

EMFIMA Collection dækker behovet for møblering og belysning inden for Office, Learning, Care og Hospitality.